Have you been stressed lately? Do you have body aches due to a stressed lifestyle? If your answer is yes, check out how listening to calming music can help you relieve it.

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Stress leads to releasing a hormone that can cause muscle tension & pain sensitivity. Due to this, you might observe tension headache, lower back, neck pain, or shoulder pain & stiffness. So, when the root cause behind such body aches is stress, you must work towards the root cause, i.e., stress.

In the previous articles, I have discussed the various ways to deal with stress. Here, I will discuss one of the most unique & effective ways that will not only relieve your stress but also cures the body ache. This unique way is Music therapy!

Research says music therapy is a beneficial complementary treatment for chronic pain and associated anxiety or depression.

Listening to calming music affects various regions of the brain. Due to this, music therapy affects emotions, cognition, sensation, and movement. As a result, it helps to uplift mood and releases tension, ultimately giving relief from body aches.

Music also stimulates the brain to produce endorphins which naturally help to cope with pain or stress. So, we can also take a natural way of listening to calming music to get natural relief from body aches.


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It is not possible for everyone to reach out for a music therapy session. So, you can make your home a therapy space and put on some calming music in the morning & evening. It can be any instrumental music that you feel is calming and helps you feel happy.

Apart from this, you can also listen to mantra chanting every morning & evening. I prefer listening to “Maha Mrityunjyaya Mantra.” But you can listen to any mantra of your choice that can help you generate good vibrations and make you feel peaceful, satisfied, and happy.

Put on calming music or mantra for half an hour to one hour, and you will observe immense calmness within you. It will reduce stress, promote good sleep, and relieve body aches.

Try this amazing technique and share your experience with me in the comment section.