Are you feeling tired all day? Do you think your skin has been looking dull lately? If your answer is yes, you might need to stop these five nighttime habits from today.

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Our life revolves around a different routine according to our professional & personal life. In your day-to-day routine, you may have developed some habits that might be causing bad health symptoms. It is essential to break such habits to get your health on track.

The critical concern here is that you might be unaware that some of the habits you have developed for the past few months or years are dangerous and might be causing or can cause detrimental health problems.

Check out the top 5 bad nighttime habits you should avoid for better health:

1. Late night dinner:

Eating dinner late at night is a common habit these days among many people. Research says late-night dinner can lead to excessive weight gain and increase the risk of lifestyle disorders like diabetes, heart disease, etc.

To prevent such diseases, avoiding late-night dinner is essential. You can change this habit gradually. Suppose you eat dinner around 9 pm, shift it to 8:30 pm for initial 2-3 days. Gradually, you can change the time earlier and make a habit of eating the last meal of your day before sunset. 

2. Using the phone before bed:

The excessive use of digital gadgets is another bad habit that is having harmful effects on health. Using your phone or watching television at night can hamper your sleep, leading to tiredness, dark circles, body ache, and other health problems. 

Break this habit and replace it with a good habit like reading a happy & inspirational book. Involving yourself in a good habit like reading relaxes and helps you to get better sleep at night. 

3. Sipping tea or coffee at night

There is no big harm in sipping tea or coffee in limited quantity in the daytime. But drinking it at night time can hamper your health. 

Milk tea or coffee contains caffeine which causes sleep disorders and negatively influences your health. So, if you have this bad habit of taking tea or coffee, replace it with a caffeine-free drink like chamomile tea or milk. It will help you sleep better and maintain overall good health.


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4. Sleeping late at night:

Our body works well when we are in tune with nature. Sleeping late at night hampers the biological clock and may lead to various health problems like overweight, anxiety, dark circles, hormonal imbalance, etc. So, it is better not to wake up late at night and maintain your sleep-wake cycle for better health. 

5. Drinking excessive alcohol every day:

Drinking alcohol every day is not ideal for good health. It can leave you dehydrated and make you feel tired and restless the next day. Due to this, you may also develop other health problems like high blood pressure, liver problems, digestive issues, etc. So, always make sure not to overindulge yourself in this bad habit.

All the above-mentioned habits have harmful effects on your health physically and mentally. Such bad nighttime habits may lead to overweight, hormonal imbalance, dull skin, weakness, digestive issues, headaches, and lifestyle diseases. So, replace these bad habits with good habits and make yourself healthy and fit.