Are you suffering from back pain for a few days? Do you want to strengthen your lower back? If your answer is yes, here are the 3 effective yoga asanas that you can practice every day for strengthening your lower back & reducing back pain.

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Prolonged sitting, lack of regular exercise, or poor posture weaken the lower back muscle & cause back pain. It is essential to correct your posture, not sit for long hours, and practice lower back yoga asanas to get rid of the lower back.

Here are the 3 fantastic Yoga asanas to get rid of back pain:

1. Marjariasana (Cat pose):

It is one of the best asanas to practice for the lower back. Marjariasana strengthens the lower back muscles and makes your back flexible.

First, sit in a Vajrasana and stand on your knees. Then bend in the forward direction and place your hands on the floor. Keep your hands in line with your knees. Your arms & thighs should be perpendicular to the floor.

cat pose

Now take a deep breath, raise your head, turn your belly towards the floor, move your back into a concave shape, and point your tailbone up. Hold your breath in this position for 3 seconds and then exhale, lower your head, pull your belly inwards and stretch the spine in an upward direction. Hold your breath for 3 seconds again and relax.

You can practice it 3-5 times or more.

2. Setubandhasana (Bridge pose):

This asana strengthens the back, buttocks, and hamstring muscles. It stretches the back properly, releases the pressure from the lower back, and improves blood circulation.

First, lie down on your back, then fold your knees and keep your feet apart from each other. Keep your knees and ankles in a straight line. Now, take your arms beside your body, palms facing downwards, and slowly lift your body upwards with a deep inhalation.

Keep your middle back and upper back off the ground. Lock your chin and chest and maintain this asana for 30 seconds with slow breathing. Lastly, bring your back down with a deep exhale and repeat this 3-5 times.


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3. Makrasana (Crocodile pose)

It is a fantastic asana to relieve the pain caused by the compressed nerves. Sometimes, you may experience pain due to slight compression in your nerves due to a prolonged sitting job. Practicing this asana helps support the lower back and relieve back pain.

Firstly, lie down on your stomach, join your elbows and keep them shoulder distance apart. Place your hands under the chin and now lift your chest and keep your elbows and legs together.

Stretch out your legs with the toes facing outwards. Breath slowly and relax your lower back. Stay in this asana for a few minutes and release it by gently removing your hands from the chin, bringing your shoulders and head down.

It is essential to have an active lifestyle and good posture, to prevent back pain and strengthen your lower back. For this reason, practicing yoga asanas can help you to cure and prevent back pain.