Have you been gaining weight lately? Do you feel your body is out of shape? If your answer is yes, this article will help you get rid of these problems.

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Exercise must be one of the essential parts of our routine. Including it in your daily routine can help you stay healthy and fit. Practicing it daily not only strengthens your bones and muscles but also protects you from various diseases.

Along with good nutrition, it is equally essential to do exercise for a healthy mind and body. Therefore, take some time out of your busy life and do some exercise. It will keep you fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

Exercise can not only reduce depression and anxiety, but it can also bring satisfaction and well-being. Most importantly, even small changes in physical activity can make a difference in happiness levels. So, practice any form of exercise you love.

If you are a beginner, you can start with walking for half an hour in the morning and evening. Later, you can try other forms under a trainer.


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Benefits of different forms of exercise:

  1. Exercise (lifting weight) helps to increase bone density and improve muscle strength. 
  2. Endurance exercises (situp, pushup, plank) improve the health of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system. It also helps prevent various diseases common in old age, like diabetes or heart-related problems. 
  3. Balance training (tai chi, yoga) can improve your balance and build up your core strength. 
  4. Flexibility exercise (stretching) can improve your flexibility. 
  5. Moderate intensity exercise (cycling, swimming) helps you in controlling blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, weight loss, 

Apart from all these benefits, with daily practice, you feel energetic throughout the day. Not only this, but your face also looks fresh & young. Try out these (under the guidance of the trainer) and observe the excellent change in your body.