Do you feel tired & have the stress every day? Are you searching for a routine to destress yourself? Here are the 3 healthy habits to adopt in your lifestyle to manage your stress.

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Stress is one of the leading causes of various health problems. It is essential to let go of a few things & live a stress-free life.

Stress can hit different people differently according to their respective life situations. But, it does not mean that you should not do anything to deal with it. If you have been living a stressful life for a long time, it is time for you to take control of your mental health and destress yourself.

Here are the3 top natural ways to live a happy & stress-free life:

1. Meditation:

I tell you to practice meditation in every other post, but I cannot deny it has helped me a lot in many ways. You cannot control or change the situations outside, but you can bring change within you.

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Meditation enables you to attain good mental health and ultimately destress you. You get the power to stay calm and ignore negative thoughts in your head. When your mental health is good, you will stay fit physically too.

Firstly, sit down in a quiet place in your house. Close the curtains, switch off the fan and keep your room fragrance-free. Now, sit down with your head, neck, and spine straight and close your eyes. Then focus on your breathing pattern in your nasal pathway. Keep watching the breath coming in and going out. Practice this for 5 minutes every morning and night.

2. Gratitude journal:

Write down a gratitude journal every day. A gratitude journal means to note down what you are grateful for every day. It can be from any small thing to a big thing in your life. For example: ” I am grateful for today’s delicious breakfast.”


Understand, learn and adopt the ways of ayurveda

The purpose is to remind yourself about good things in your life. This way, it highlights a good part of your life and makes you feel happy. Ultimately, it helps to destress and leaves you delighted & grateful.

3. Herbs:

When you are having too much stress and dealing with anxiety or depression, it is better to consult an Ayurvedic physician. Ayurveda offers amazing herbs to help you deal with stress, anxiety, or depression.
Herbs like Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Shankhapushpi, etc., could help cope in such conditions. So, consult your Ayurvedic doctor & take their advice to feel better.


  • Always feel free to talk to your friends.
  • Take the support of your family or friends.
  • Go outside for games, socializing, or a nature walk.


  • Avoid excessive exposure to social media.
  • Do not use your phone or any gadget at least 1-2 hours before bed.
  • Avoid watching negative news or socializing with people who always talk about negative stuff.

Following these simple habits can help you live a stress-free and happy life. It is only small habits that make a big difference. So, start these 3 habits and see the difference in your life.