Have you been feeling less hungry lately? Do you think your hunger is reduced these days? If you also feel less desire to eat your food for few days, try out these three simple Ayurvedic remedies to get back your appetite.

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Less hunger happens when a person has decreased desire to eat food. There could be various reasons behind low appetite like overeating, eating food, drinking excessive water with meals, weak digestion, stress, anxiety, depression, prolonged illness, and other medical conditions. Most commonly, it occurs due to the weak digestive system.

A weak digestive system not only causes less hunger, but it can also lead to indigestion, bloating, gas, constipation, etc. If you have less appetite for few days, you can also observe symptoms like coating over your tongue, less energy levels, and bad breath from your mouth.

Weak digestion happens due to slow metabolism. So, to come out of it, you can try simple remedies to boost your metabolism.

Here are the three simplest ways to improve your hunger:

1. Fasting:

If you are not feeling any hunger, avoid eating food. Our body is smart enough to heal our system from time to time. Less hunger is a signal from your body to take a break from unnecessary eating.

Going on fasting for one day may help you strengthen your digestion. As a result, your hunger will improve.

How to go on fasting to get back your hunger?
Skip eating meals on the fasting day, avoid milk, curd, & other dairy products. Keep sipping warm water throughout the day. If you start feeling hunger in the daytime, eat one seasonal fruit or handful of nuts. You can eat light meals (soup or porridge) if you start feeling extremely hungry in the evening. Otherwise, you can eat your meal the next day (when you feel hungry).


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2. Ginger, lemon, & rock salt:

When you have weak digestion or feel less or no hunger, try this excellent remedy. Firstly, shred a teaspoon of ginger, extract lemon juice from half lemon, and put these into a small bowl. Now, sprinkle some rock salt and mix well. Lastly, chew this combination. Repeat doing this three times a day and sip warm water over it.

Chewing ginger, lemon, and rock salt combination will help you boost your metabolism and improve your hunger. You can even continue this for 3-5 days after reviving your appetite back.

3. Triphala tea:

If you have constipation and low appetite, try this remedy. It will help you clear your bowels regularly and provide lightness. Thus you will start feeling good hunger.

How to prepare it?
Firstly, boil a small cup of water. Then add one tablespoon of Triphala powder into it. Let it come down to a warm temperature. Lastly, stir well and drink it warm. You can continue this for three nights continuously if you have constipation for few days.

These three simple tips can help you boost your digestion and get back your hunger. But, if you still feel no relief within a day or two, kindly consult an Ayurvedic physician near you for better diagnosis and treatment.