Are you tired of taking pills and finding no relief from sinusitis? Do you want to know the effective remedies for sinusitis? If your answer is yes, follow the below-mentioned home remedies to get quick relief from your symptoms.

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Sinuses are hollow air-filled cavities located inside the skull. There are four pairs of sinuses, namely – frontal, ethmoid, maxillary, and sphenoid sinus. The primary function of sinuses is to produce mucus to keep the nasal cavity moist. 

Sinusitis occurs when there is an inflammation in the mucous membrane of the sinuses. The main reason behind sinusitis is cold, allergies, viral infection, and bacterial infection. Due to these infections, sinuses get obstructed. It may feel like nose congestion, runny nose, headache, facial pain, fever, and fatigue. 

According to Ayurveda, its symptoms can be correlated with “पीनस” (Pinas). It is a condition of excess Kapha. It can be impaired due to various factors like cold weather, sitting in an air-conditioned room for prolonged hours, cold food items, and refrigerated food. 

Here are the 5 effective home remedies to manage sinusitis:

1. Nasya (Nose drops):

Ayurveda suggests administering drops of medicated oil/ghee through the nasal route. This method is known as “Nasya.” 

Infusing herbal oil or ghee through the nose helps to cleanse and nourish the area. It shows good effects on the disorders above the neck region.

How to perform it?

In sinusitis, Nasya should be performed with Anu taila, but it is better to take advice from your Ayurvedic doctor before practicing it.

Warm the oil:

Heat some water into a pan and pour it into a cup. Put the Nasya oil bottle into the cup and leave for few seconds until it warms up. 


Transfer your Nasya oil into a glass dropper as you have to heat it every time you put it into your nostrils. It is not recommended to heat the oil in a plastic bottle for regular use. Mostly, Nasya oil is available in plastic bottles only. 


Firstly, give a little massage to your nose and forehead with warm sesame oil for 3-5 minutes. Then lie down comfortably on the edge of the bed. Tilt your head a little backward. Now, put two drops of Anu taila first into one nostril, keeping the other closed. Then put two drops of warm oil into another nostril. Lastly, massage your nose gently and take a rest for two minutes.

Important Note:

  • Perform it in the morning 30 minutes before bath.
  • Make a gap of half an hour before eating breakfast
  • You can do it every day as a daily ritual.
  • Avoid performing it on a cloudy or rainy day.


Understand, learn and adopt the ways of ayurveda

2. Medicated steam inhalation

Steam inhalation is a natural way to remove congestion from the nose. For this, you can take ginger (1 small slice), turmeric (pinch), eucalyptus oil and boil it with the water. Then turn off the flame once it starts boiling. Now, take a towel, cover your head with it, and inhale the steam for at least five minutes.

You can practice this every day until you find relief from sinusitis.

3. Diet changes

Avoid Kapha (bioenergy) aggravating food items like cold, refrigerated, frozen food, sweet, sour, salty, heavy, and oily stuff. These type of food items increases Kapha dosha and lead to sinusitis. 

Add some spices to your food and always eat warm and hot potency food and beverages. Consuming spices like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper opens the nasal blockage and naturally manages sinusitis.

4. Good hydration

Stay hydrated by drinking only warm water, soup, and ginger or tulsi tea. 

Warm food and drinks help to get rid of sinusitis. It reduces inflammation and relieves congestion. As a result, it cures sinusitis.

5. Ginger-Tulsi tea

Ginger is a fantastic root to balance the excessive Kapha inside our body. A perfect blend of ginger and tulsi together helps to remove and fights the congestion. 

These excellent home remedies can help you get rid of sinusitis without taking any medicine. You have to be a little precautious about what you are eating, and you can always prevent sinusitis. Continue these remedies for a week for good results, but it is better to consult your Ayurvedic doctor before following these remedies.