turmeric milk






प्रायशो मधुरं स्निग्धं शीतं स्तन्यं पयो मतम्|
प्रीणनं बृंह्मणं वृष्यं मेध्यं बल्यं मनस्करम | | – Charak Samhita

As per Ayurveda, milk is sweet, unctuous, cold, improves breast milk, refreshing, promotes bodyweight, semen, increases intellect, strength, and mental ability.

Milk is a rich source of protein and healthy fat. It is also high in calcium, Vitamin B12, and phosphorous. Hence, taking milk every day can help you prevent calcium deficiency and reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Important Note:
Milk available in the packets cannot provide you the full health benefits. So, we recommend purchasing cow milk directly from the dairy farm near your place.

Full Recipe in Details

Ashwagandha-turmeric milk is a perfect combination of two herbs that have various health benefits. It is a fantastic remedy if you have body aches. Not only that, but it also boosts immunity and improves sleep quality. Above all, it works as a general tonic to maintain health.

As per research, Ashwagandha is a regenerative tonic that helps combat stress, anxiety, joint pain, and inflammation. On the other hand, turmeric is an antiviral, antibacterial, and antioxidant herb. It protects us from various infections and beneficial to maintain health. Due to all these fantastic properties, Ashwagandhaturmeric milk is the best drink, especially during seasonal change.

✅Kindly consult your Ayurvedic physician before consuming Ashwagandha.
✅Do not use turmeric if you suffer from imbalanced pitta symptoms like excessive heat in the body, acidity, burning sensation, or excessive sweating.
✅Avoid this drink in summers and hot weather.
✅ Do not drink it if you are lactose intolerant.

  • Cuisine: Indian

  • Prep Time: 00 mins

  • Cooking Time: 05 mins

  • Total Time: 05 mins

  • Rasa (taste): Sweet

  • Guna (property): Uncutuos

  • Virya (potency): Cold

  • Vipaka (post digestion effect): Sweet

  • 1 Glass Cow’s Milk

  • 1 Tablespoon Ashwagandha Powder

  • 1/2 Teaspoon Turmeric Powder, Organic

  • First, take a glass (250 ml) of cow’s milk and pour it into a pan. Switch on the flame and keep the pan over the stove.

  • Now, combine ashwagandha and turmeric and add them to the pan.

  • Boil the milk for 4-5 minutes over a low flame.

  • Transfer to a glass and enjoy warm.


Health benefits of Ashwagandha-turmeric milk:

Improves immunity:

Ashwagandha helps to strengthen immunity. Thus, it develops the body’s defense mechanism against various diseases. On the other hand, turmeric also enhances antibody responses and works as a therapy in immunity-related diseases. As a result, this milk is a perfect combination to boost your immunity.

Cures joint pain:

Both these are wonderful herbs to cure joint pain and inflammation. If you suffer from joint especially during winters, combining these two herbs with milk in explained dose will help you a lot. But, if you have severe joint pain, you might need more doses and other treatment as well. So, kindly visit an Ayurvedic physician for better guidance.

Better sleep:

Milk is a fantastic drink for better sleep. You can increase its power by combining it with ashwagandha and turmeric.

These two are well-proven herbs to improve mood, combat anxiety, depression and ultimately stimulate good sleep quality.

When to drink?

You can drink it at night 3 hours after your dinner.

Even though this milk is a healthy drink, it may not suit some of you depending upon your body type, season, and condition. So, if you observe any discomfort after taking it, you may have to stop drinking this milk.

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