The eyes are one of the sense organs of our body. We perceive the visual world through our eyes. But, when eyesight gets weak, one can find it challenging to read, drive, or do daily activities without wearing eyeglasses. If your vision is weak or you want to prevent this condition, you will find here five easy ways to manage weak eyesight.

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The eyesight can get weak due to various reasons like lack of nutrition, genetic, etc. One major cause of today’s time is eye strain. Due to continuous sitting in front of computer screens or mobile phones, many of us face this condition. So, to protect your vision from getting weak, it is essential to take a break every half an hour from your screens. Along with this, here are the five tips to keep your eyesight healthy or manage weak eyesight:

1.Vitamin A rich diet

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient to maintain the health of your eyes. It supports the cornea – a protective layer of the eye. Consuming a sufficient amount of Vitamin A in your diet helps to prevent vision loss. So, include carrots, spinach, sweet potato, amaranth, pumpkin, mango, papaya, watermelon, etc., in your diet.

Eating foods high in Vitamin A not only improves vision but also prevents vision loss.

2. Coldwater eyes wash:

Wash your eyes with cold water every morning after you wake up. You can also wash your eyes with cold water when you feel strain in your eyes after sitting in front of the computer screen for prolonged hours. It helps tone up the eye muscles and gives you relief from the tired eyes. As a result, it prevents weak eyesight.


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4. Triphala eyewash:

If you have weak eyesight, you can wash your eyes with Triphala water every day. Triphala is one of the fantastic composition which includes three herbs – amla, vibhitaki, haritaki. Washing eyes regularly with Triphala eyewash helps to prevent eye disorders and promotes good eyesight. 

How to prepare it? 

Firstly, soak one tablespoon of Triphala in one glass of water overnight. Strain this water into another bowl with a clean cotton cloth. Now, wash your eyes with this water every morning. Remember, there should not be any particles left in the water; otherwise, it can irritate your eyes. So, use only a cotton cloth to strain it. 

4. Eyes exercise:

Practice eye muscle-strengthening exercises every day. Regular practice helps to strengthen the muscles surrounding the eye orbit. As a result, it improves the strength of the eyes. 

One of the easy exercises is to roll your eyes from right to left and up to down without moving your head. Another one is gently cupping your palms over your closed eyes for 30 seconds. Do not put any pressure on your eyes. 

5. Tratak therapy: 

Tratak is a type of exercise that helps to improve eye health. It helps to clear the eyes, strengthen the muscles of the eyes, and improve vision.  

How to do it?

Firstly, prepare a ghee lamp using a small bowl of ghee. Now, place a cotton wick in it. Light this ghee lamp and keep it 2 feet away from you at your eye level. Start gazing and focusing on the flame of a ghee lamp without blinking for a minute or more until your eyes get teary. 

Try out these simple four remedies at home and observe the good results. Do not forget to share your experience with us in the comments section.