Do you sneeze a lot due to allergies? Have you observed that you are allergic to dust or pollen? If your answer is yes, you will find three excellent Ayurvedic home remedies that will help you prevent such allergies permanently.

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We sneeze when our body responds to remove dust, pollen, or other irritants from our nasal area. It is an uncontrolled response that acts as the defense mechanism of our body.

Sneezing is not a sign of any major illness, but sometimes, it can get bothersome when it happens continuously. It can occur due to various reasons like allergy from dust, pollution, some medicines, or seasonal change. The most common among them are allergy due to irritants present in the air.

Ayurveda has fantastic home remedies that can help you to deal with this condition. Try out these three effective home remedies to get relief from sneezing and prevent its occurrence due to allergies.

1. Banafsha Tea 

Banafsha (Viola odorata) is a fantastic herb used for its countless properties. A few major benefits of this herb are that it helps fight bacterial infections, allergies, relieve nasal infection, treats fever, and even prevents asthma attacks.

A tea made of banafsha can help get rid of allergic sneezing and protect you from allergies. 

How to prepare it?

First, take 1/4 cup of leaves and flowers. Then add it to two cups of water. Now, boil this mixture on low to medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes. Lastly, strain and drink it once or twice a day. 

2. Haridra Khand

Haridra khand is a well-known Ayurvedic preparation for allergies. It is not only beneficial for sneezing, but it also benefits in skin allergies. It has a fantastic composition of ingredients like turmeric, amla, giloy, cinnamon, etc., which helps to strengthen the immune system and fight various infections. Its dosage can vary from person to person, depending upon the age, gender, and medical history.

How to use it?
For an adult, it can be helpful when given one tablespoon twice a day with milk.


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3. Nasya

Ayurveda suggests putting drops of medicated oil into the nose to prevent such allergies. Infusing herbal oil or Ghee through the nose helps to cleanse and nourish the area.

Dropping oil into the nostrils lubricates the nose and clears the sinuses. It has excellent results in fighting infections and allergies. 

How to do it?

Firstly, lukewarm the medicated oil (Shadbindu taila) with double boiling method. Gently massage your nose and forehead with warm sesame oil for one minute. Now, lie down at the edge of the bed keeping your neck tilted back. Then, put 2-2 drops of lukewarm oil into one nostril, keeping the other closed. Repeat this on another nostril as well.

You can do this twice a day to prevent infections and allergies. 

Best timing:

It is best to put medicated oil on an empty stomach after brushing your teeth.

  • Ensure to make a gap of an hour before or after eating food, shower, or exercise.
  • If required, you can even do it before going outdoors.
  • Avoid it on a cloudy day. 
  • Do not practice it just after a bath, during pregnancy, menstruation, and after eating food.
  • Ayurveda advises not to put medicated oil in children below seven years and people above 80 years.

We hope that these three remedies will help you deal with your sneezing and help you fight your allergies. So, try out these and let us know in the comments section.


Always consult your Ayurvedic doctor before consuming any herbs.