Do you sleep in the daytime? Are you gaining weight also? If your answer is yes to both, you might need to stop sleeping during the day. Here is what Ayurveda has to say about day sleep.

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Sleeping is an essential part of our routine, which helps our mind and body to rejuvenate. But, sleeping for long hours in the daytime can be problematic for you if you are trying to lose weight.

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As per Ayurveda, sleep is considered one of the main pillars of health. Sleep is essential to repair and relax your body. A sound sleep at night helps to improve memory, boosts immunity, regulate blood pressure, enhance mental health, prevent lifestyle disorders, and improve overall health.

Studies suggest that taking a short nap in the daytime (15 – 20 minutes) helps relax, improve mood, bring calmness, improve concentration, and make you more alert. But, daytime naps are not beneficial for everyone.


As per Ayurveda, the following should avoid sleeping in the daytime:

  • Obese person
  • Kapha body type (Prakriti)
  • Consumes ghee, milk, & dairy items every day
  • Weak digestion or feels heaviness in the body
  • Sleeping in the daytime increases Kapha dosha inside the body. Due to this, you might gain extra weight if your lifestyle and food habits are also not healthy.

Not only this, but sleeping in the daytime might also result in headaches, heaviness in the body, drowsiness, or indigestion for some people (esp. Kapha Prakriti person).

If you are the one who wants to lose extra weight, you must avoid sleeping in the daytime.

Who can sleep in the daytime?

  • Children
  • Weak person
  • Elderly people
  • One who is physically exerted

Summer & daytime nap

Ayurveda suggests sleeping in the daytime during summers. Taking a short nap (15 – 20 minutes) in summers can help you feel fresh & active. During summers, Vata dosha is increased, causing dryness in the body. So, a daytime nap can help you balance your Vata dosha in the summers. But, if you are overweight, you must avoid daytime naps in the summers also. 


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How to avoid sleeping in the daytime?

If you feel sleepy in the daytime, it might be because you are not getting sufficient sleep at night. So, try to get good sleep at night, and you won’t feel sleepy in the daytime. Another main reason for feeling sleepy in the afternoon is eating heavy lunch. Eat your lunch meal in moderation to feel active and fresh. 

What to do if you are overweight & feel sleepy in the afternoon?

You can take a short nap for 15 to 20 minutes to regain your energy levels if you feel sleepy & tired due to exertion. But, do not sleep right after eating your meals. Make sure to give a gap of one hour or more and then take a short nap. Also, avoid sleeping in the daytime every day. It should not be your daily habit.

Avoid sleeping in the daytime if you are trying to lose extra weight!