Do you strain while passing the stool? Are you diagnosed with piles lately? Do not worry; you are not alone! Many people face this problem and get no easy relief. But, defecating in a squatting position can help you pass stool easily and even prevent piles.

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Passing stool without straining every day is a good indication of health. Defecating in the morning within one hour of waking up is ideal. It is the time when your autonomic responses are active, and you get the urge to pass stool.

Ayurveda recommends defecating in a squatting position only. This position makes it easier to pass stool without putting any strain. It is not good to strain hard for defecation because it could cause bleeding while passing stool.

As per Ayurveda, it is essential to defecate whenever you feel the urge; otherwise, it may lead to other ailments. So, always defecate when you feel like passing the stool.

Why does Ayurveda recommend defecating in a squatting position?

Ayurveda suggests defecating in a squatting position. Defecating in this position places knees closer to the trunk and relaxes the rectum to defecate completely. It creates pressure required for excretion in the abdomen. Hence you will be able to pass stool quickly and easily. 


Understand, learn and adopt the ways of ayurveda

Defecating in a squatting position is more hygienic (Indian toilet). It helps to defecate wholly and quickly. Due to this, it also reduces the risk of piles. Not only this, but it also compresses the colon, which creates the natural urge to defecate.

On the other hand, defecating in a sitting position obstructs the passage of feces. This position places knees at a 90-degree angle with the abdomen. It blocks the feces, and you may have to strain to pass the stool. 

If you are prone to constipation and pass stool in a sitting position, it may worsen your condition. Defecating in a sitting position when you are constipated can cause straining, and doing so can further lead to piles.

Use footstool in a sitting toilet:

If you do not have a squat toilet in the house and instead use a sitting toilet, you can practice defecation with a footstool/squat stool. As a result, it will make a natural squatting position and eases the elimination.

Squatting helps to pass stool easily and prevents straining, bleeding while passing stool and piles. So, if you are prone to constipation or piles, it is the best position for defecation.