Do you want to increase your spine flexibility? Are you suffering from backache? Here is a fantastic yoga asana for you that will help you prevent back pain and improve spine flexibility.

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Dhanurasana (bow pose) is a great posture to improve the flexibility of your spine. While doing this yoga asana, our body takes the shape of a bow. That is why it is called a bow pose.

It has various health benefits like reducing belly fat, strengthening the spine, and toning the back muscles. Due to this reason, it is beneficial to practice Dhanurasana every day to improve the flexibility of your spine and maintain the tone of muscles.

How to do Dhanurasana?

Firstly, lie down on your stomach. Keep the feet away from each other, hips in line with feet, arms at the side of your body, and palm upwards. Now, exhale, bend your knees, and take your hands backward, and hold your ankles. Breathe in, raise your chest off the ground, and pull your legs upwards. Look forward and stay stable while paying attention to your breath. Your body is now in a curved shape. Lastly, exhale and gently bring your legs & chest to the ground, release your ankles, and relax.

Here are the top 3 health benefits of Dhanurasana:

1. Strengthens the back:

Dhanurasana strengthens your back and abdominal muscles. As a result, it improves your spine flexibility and relieves back pain. Practicing it every day can help you cure not only your backache but also prevents back pain.

2. Tones leg muscles:

Dhanurasana gives a wonderful stretch in the leg and arm muscles. Thus, it helps to improve the tone of the legs and arms. So, if you want your legs to look toned, do not skip practicing this asana every day.


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3. Prevents menstrual pain:

Dhanurasana improves the strength of abdominal muscles. It is also beneficial for the female reproductive system. As a result, it helps to prevent menstrual pain and discomfort.

Dhanurasana is an excellent yoga posture to improve your flexibility and muscle strength. Just keep in mind, while practicing this asana, pay attention to your breath and bend as far as possible for you. Do not overdo it.