Do you feel exhausted during summer? Have you observed headaches when the weather gets hot outside? If your answer is yes, you will find few easy solutions to prevent these symptoms during hot weather.

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When summer is at its peak, it can get painful for some people. If not taken care of properly, hot weather can cause fatigue, headache, and low energy levels. Here are few tips to beat the heat with few simple and easy tips:

1. Hydration

The first and essential thing is to stay hydrated the whole day long. If you don’t drink sufficient water in a day, you may get dehydrated and feel tired. So, it is essential to keep up with the body’s water requirement on an everyday basis. 

How much water one should drink depends from person to person! So, it will not be fair to define specific liters of intake for everyone. 

Keep sipping water throughout the day whenever you feel thirsty, and check the color of your urine. When urine turns pale yellow or transparent, it means you are adequately hydrated and don’t need to sip extra water if you are not thirsty at all.

You can also drink coconut water, seasonal fruit juice, or barley water to hydrate and keep yourself energetic.

2. Eating

During summer, it is natural to feel less hunger. In such a situation, you can support your digestion by eating meals in moderation. It means you should eat your meals less of your appetite. Eating your food in moderation keeps your digestion on track, provides you energy and wellbeing. So, eat less and avoid overeating.

3. Short Nap

Ayurveda suggests taking a short nap in the daytime during summer. It helps to give you a quick dose of energy in the day. So, you can take a rest for 10 to 20 minutes and regain your energy levels. But, do not sleep just after having your meal. 

4. Alcohol

As per Ayurveda, avoid drinking alcohol in the summer. It deteriorates the tissues inside the body and can make you feel more dehydrated and exhausted. So, to prevent that stay away from alcohol during hot weather.  


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5. Exercise

Ayurveda suggests not to do heavy exercises during summer. Practice yoga or other simple exercises that will not make you feel exhausted. It is better to exercise half of your capacity. As a result, you will not feel tired and less in energy levels.

6. Buffalo Milk

Ayurveda considers cow’s milk as the best among all the varieties. But, during summer, it is told to consume buffalo milk because it helps to strengthen the body. You can drink one cup of milk at night with added jaggery.

7. Moonbathing

As per Ayurveda, one should walk in the moonlight during summer. Walking in the moonlight is magnificently cooling. It leaves you with a calming effect.  Moonbathing is one of the best tips for summers, especially for those who cannot tolerate excessive heat.

Try these simple seven tips to beat the heat in summers. Along with this, avoid salty, spicy, sour food items. Instead, consume light food and cold sharbat like rhododendron juice. We hope you will see excellent results and feel better than ever before. After trying these tips, let us know how you feel and share your experience with us in the comment section.