Do you want to lose extra weight? Have you been suffering from hormonal imbalance issues? If your answer is yes to these questions, try these five healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle habits to get your health back on track. Many women struggle to deal with overweight, irregular periods, PCOD, etc., due to bad lifestyle habits. Bringing gradual change in your routine towards a healthy lifestyle can make an enormous difference in your life.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

Ayurveda is a holistic science that outlines a healthy diet and lifestyle to harmonize yourself with nature. The wisdom of the Ayurvedic lifestyle is the high-powered approach towards healthy well-being. 

Lifestyle is a way to spend your day in discipline with healthy regimes like – waking up early, sleeping on time, working religiously, eating healthy, drinking adequately, etc. Here are the five must lifestyle regimens to follow for a healthy life. Embrace these lifestyles, and you will find absolute health benefits in your life.

1. Waking up before sunrise

Ayurveda recommends waking up in the morning anyhow before sunrise. The exact time told by our ancient sages is – “Brahmamuhurta.” It is the time approximately one & an hour before sunrise. 

“ब्राह्मे मुहूर्त उत्तिष्ठते स्वस्थो रक्षार्थम आयुष: |” 

It means that to secure a healthy life, one should wake up early in the Brahmamuhurta. This time is considered an auspicious time to rejuvenate yourself every day. It is an excellent time to wake up due to the presence of the purest environment with the cleanest oxygen. Spending this time in peaceful meditation and Yoga will renew you by reconnecting your mind, soul, and body.

2. Hydration

We all know the importance of water in our life. But do we drink as much water as our body requires? Each individual requires a different amount of water depending on their body’s needs. 

Ayurveda suggests drinking water when you feel thirsty. Listen to what your body demands from you. To know whether you are well hydrated or not, you can check the color of your urine. If the urine is clear, it indicates that you are properly hydrated. So, keep sipping water throughout the day according to your thirst and keep a check on your urine color.

3. Yoga

Yoga and Ayurveda work perfectly together. Eating healthy Ayurvedic meals and following Ayurvedic regimens along with Yoga can help you maintain and achieve your health quickly. 

“मन: प्रश्मानोपायो योग इत्यभिदियते|” 

It means that Yoga is a masterful way to calm your mind. 

Adopt this beautiful form of exercise to rejuvenate your mind and strengthen your inner organs every day.


Understand, learn and adopt the ways of ayurveda

4. Meditation

If you want to be more creative and productive in your life, your mind must be clear, calm, and stress-free. The best way to live a stress-free life and achieve clarity and calmness is through meditation. So, practice meditation every day to give our life a new start.

Studies have found that stress is a major cause of various diseases. Due to stressful life, one may get sleepless at night, overweight, tired, and depressed. So, it is essential to find easy ways to manage your stress. 

If you also have a stressful life, this technique will help you deal with it.

5. Dinner before sunset

Eating your last meal of the day before sunset can help you lose weight, gain energy, and maintain a good digestive system. 

Our digestive system is not very strong after the sunset as it is in the daytime to digest meals. If you have a long-term habit of eating dinner late at night, it could lead to various ailments. So, always try to finish your last meal of the day before sunset. 

If it is not possible, try not to eat after 8 pm and avoid solid food after sunset. Instead, consume soups or other liquid or semi-solid recipes. 

These five healthy habits will benefit in weight loss, regularise your periods, and maintain hormonal balance. Above all, it will help to maintain overall health. Embrace these lifestyle habits, and you will find absolute health benefits in your life. You can start with one habit in the first week, and later you can adopt other practices gradually as per your requirement.