Are you also one of those who have tried plenty of pills to get rid of sinusitis, but got no relief? If yes, then you will get a permanent solution to your problem here.

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Sinuses are hollow cavities with the air in the skull around the nose. If a virus or bacteria infects the sinuses, it leads to sinusitis. Above all, it gets more intolerable when there are a severe headache and runny nose.

Ayurvedic diet regimens help to get rid of sinusitis quickly. It also helps you prevent recurrent infections. So, it is essential to follow a specific diet regimen during a sinus infection.

Here are the 5 effective Ayurvedic diet tips to heal sinusitis:

1. Consume warm food and drinks:

Warm food and drinks help to get rid of sinusitis. It reduces inflammation and relieves congestion. As a result, it cures sinusitis.

You can start your morning with hot ginger water. Then you can have a warm morning meal like vegetable dalia (porridge). Later, go for vegetable soup in the daytime. In the evening, eat light, nourishing, and warm food like chicken soup.

If you are a vegetarian, you can have seasonal vegetables sauteed in ghee (1 tbsp) with black pepper.

2. Avoid fruits in the evening:

Most of the fruits are cooling in nature. So, avoid eating fruits in the evening. Otherwise, it may cause a headache or runny nose at night and worsen the condition.

3. Include spices in your meal:

Indian spices are warm and act as natural decongestants. As a result, they give quick relief from sinusitis.

Consuming spices like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper opens up the nasal blockage and naturally manages sinusitis.

You can easily add them to your meals. But, avoid excessive consumption if you are a Pitta Prakriti (body type) or hot weather outside.

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4. Avoid dairy products:

Dairy products are heavy to digest. They also thicken the mucus. Due to this, it may cause congestion. Therefore, you should completely abstain from dairy products to prevent sinusitis.

5. Follow Vata-Kapha pacifying diet

As per Ayurveda, sinusitis happens due to the imbalanced Vata and Kapha dosha. For this reason, consume Vata and Kapha pacifying food items. On the other hand, avoid  frozen or refrigerated food and drink.

Here is a sample meal plan for sinusitis:

Meal 1: Vegetable couscous, Meal 2: Mix vegetable soup & sauteed vegetables (seasonal), Meal 3: Meat Soup or yellow moong dal soup

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