Have you been feeling the strain in your eyes? Do you spend more time on the computer screen? If your answer is yes, check out this article to know the best ways to prevent eye strain.

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Eye strain has become quite common among many people these days. It is mainly seen in people who have long screen hours. A person with it may feel itching eyes, headache, dry eyes, sore neck, or blur vision. It is better to follow natural measures to prevent eye strain.

Here are the 5 effective natural ways to prevent eye strain:

1. Take a break from long screentime:

Excessive screentime can cause eye strain. So, taking a break in between long screen time is essential. You can wash your eyes with cold water, reduce the screen’s brightness, or keep blinking your eyes in between the screen time.

2. Anti-glare glasses:

If you are the one who is having prolonged screentime, you must try anti-glare glasses. Anti-glare coating in glasses eliminates excessive brightness and helps you protect your eyes. As a result, it also prevents eye strain.

3. Practice the 20-20-20 rule:

Prolonged screen hours could lead to strained eyes, tired eyes, burning eyes, watery or dry eyes, and even headaches. So, to deal with it, you can follow the 20-20-20 rule daily. It is about taking a break every 20 minutes, looking 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This practice will relax the eye muscles naturally.


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4. Eye exercise:

You can practice eye exercises like palming, blinking, round-the-clock, swinging, or shifting. It can help you improve your eye health and prevent eye fatigue. You may repeat these exercises twice a day for quick results.

5. Wash with cold water:

Take a break between the long screen hours and splash your eyes with cold water. It helps to improve blood circulation and give relief from strain. You can either directly splash cold water into your eyes or use ice cubes around your eyes. It will provide you with instant relief and relax your eyes.

Eye strain is commonly seen in people having long screen hours. You can easily prevent it with natural remedies like repeated eye blinking, splashing cold water into your eyes, eye exercise, wearing anti-glare glasses, etc. So, keep trying natural ways to relax your eyes and eliminate eye strain.