Have you tried everything but still, your hypothyroidism is not under control? If yes, then you must be missing some essential nutrients in your diet. So, start eating a healthy diet now and get relief from your problem.

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When the thyroid glands fail to produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormones, it can cause hypothyroidism. 

Thyroid hormones play a significant role in the metabolism, growth, and development of the body. 

Here are the most common symptoms:

  • Weight gain
  • Hair fall
  • Fatigue 
  • Constipation

To regulate the functions of the thyroid gland, you should be particular about your diet. It would be best if you prefer eating healthy, fresh, and homemade nutrient-rich food only. 

Here are the top 5 essentials to add to your diet to manage hypothyroidism:

1. Iodine:

Iodine is essential to form thyroid hormones. Therefore, including it in your diet could prevent thyroid problems.

To prevent it, add some iodized salt to your meals. But, do not overdo it. Otherwise, it may cause harm. Consult your doctor for better advice.

2. Vitamin A & D

These two are critical for the regulation of thyroid hormones. Insufficiency of these two may reduce the thyroid function. For this reason, eat foods rich in these vitamins every day. 

So, include carrots, sweet potato, cheese, boiled egg, cow’s milk, salmon, and others in your diet.

3. Selenium

It is an important mineral for the body’s functions. Also, it plays a critical role in the metabolism of thyroid hormones. Hence, one with a thyroid problem should consume it every day.

Additionally, it is also good for the heart and memory. Thus, the everyday intake of this mineral is essential in your diet.

Here is the list of selenium-rich foods: 

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Banana
  • Spinach

4. Zinc

It is helpful in the synthesis of the thyroid hormones. Besides, thyroid hormones are necessary for zinc absorption also. Thus, its low levels can result in thyroid problems.

 Here is the list of zinc-rich foods: 

  • Meat, legumes, eggs, dairy
  • Whole grains, seeds, nuts


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5. Moderate sugar intake

A high sugar diet can increase inflammation inside the body. In return, it hampers the function of the thyroid. As a result, it can cause more problems.

On the other hand, one who is already suffering from thyroid problems is at higher risk of developing diabetes. So, it is best to eat sugar in fewer amounts only.

Also, take only natural sources of sugar like fruits, milk, others. Avoid all artificial sweeteners.