Is your digestion weak? Do you suffer from constipation, gas, bloating, or burps often? If your answer is yes, you need to secure and boost your digestive system. Many people suffer from digestive issues frequently. Here are the three simple changes to make in your diet that can help you to improve your digestion and prevent digestive ailments.

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Our digestion depends on what we feed ourselves. Eating more unhealthy junk food can hamper digestion. On the contrary, focusing on a healthy diet and dietary habits will help you improve your digestion.

Food has healing power, but if your digestion is weak even healthy food will not be able to fulfill its purpose. So, to stay healthy, it is essential to keep a check on your digestive system.

If you are passing stool every day, feeling light and energetic, feel hungry at a regular time every day, it shows that you have good digestion. On the other hand, if you are constipated, gassy, bloated, getting burps, feeling heaviness in the body, it means your digestion is weak. In such a situation, you need to correct your digestion; otherwise, it could further lead to other ailments. 

Here are the top 3 Ayurvedic tips to keep your digestion on track

1. Eat seasonally for good digestion:

Ayurveda advises eating seasonal fruits and vegetables. Doing so helps to boost the digestive system and maintain health. For example, eating an apple in its peak season is the best time. Eating it when it’s not in season will not provide you its total nutrient value. 


Every season has its variety of fruits and vegetables. Mother nature provides us food according to the weather changes, which helps us get the total nutrient value of the food.

Few seasonal fruits & vegetables (North India):

Winter – Spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, sweet potato, turnip, radish, beetroot, oranges, papaya, guava.

Summer – Pumpkin, ladyfinger, bottle gourd, cucumber, zucchini, watermelon, mangoes, cherries, grapes, muskmelon.

Monsoon – Pumpkin, spinach, lettuce, bitter gourd, pointed guard (parwal), apple.


Understand, learn and adopt the ways of ayurveda

2. Fresh home-cooked food

The nutrient value of home-cooked food is high. Eating fresh home-cooked food helps to improve digestion and boost immunity. So, for better health, it is essential to eat healthy & fresh homemade food. 

On the other hand, regular consumption of stale food causes problems in the digestive system and further leads to a weak immune system.

When someone consumes more stale or fast food, it weakens the digestive system. Due to this, food starts remaining undigested, which later forms the toxins inside the body. These toxins are responsible for the occurrence of most diseases. 

To obtain the total nutrient value from the food, first, it is essential to improve digestion. You can attain it with an everyday habit of eating freshly home-cooked food. It is OK to eat food from outside once a week but only if your digestion is good.

3. Ginger lemon salt

Consuming ginger with lemon juice and a pinch of salt 15 minutes before your meals helps improve digestion. This simple remedy helps to stimulate your digestive enzymes which in return makes the process of digestion easier. 

Ginger is a spice that can help to stimulate digestive enzymes and improve digestion. It is also well known for its carminative effects that means it helps to reduce gas, bloating, and feeling of heaviness.

Lemon is rich in fiber (pectin) that helps to support the health of the gut. It is a prebiotic that feeds healthy bacteria present inside our gut.

Rock salt is also known as saindhav lavana. It plays a vital role in maintaining digestion by deworming naturally and igniting your digestive fire. 

You can take this combination of ginger, lemon, and salt every day before your lunch and dinner for a minimum of seven days.

Caution: Do not eat this ginger if you have a complaint of hyperacidity.

Good digestion is responsible for strong immunity and a healthy body. If your digestion is weak for a more extended period, it can cause you various ailments. So, to prevent various diseases, it is essential to always keep your digestion at its best. Try out the tips mentioned above and observe the changes.