Do you know banana milkshake is not healthy for you? Have you been repeatedly suffering from bloating, gas, or other digestive problems? Check out this article to learn the 5 wrong food combinations that can hamper your health, according to Ayurveda.

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Ayurveda suggests eating food based on its natural quality and a better understanding of your body type. It is best to consume food items that suit you the best according to your digestion, body type, and health status. 

Many people consume the wrong food combinations daily without realising how bad it is for their bodies. Such a long-term habit of eating incompatible foods can lead to multiple health issues. Thus, learn about these wrong combinations that Ayurveda recommends to stay away from for better health.

According to Ayurveda, each food has a different rasa (taste), guna (property), virya (potency), and vipaka (post digestion effect). Consuming food with opposite qualities can diminish your digestive fire (jatharagni) and cause digestive problems like bloating, gas, indigestion, and accumulation of toxins inside the body. So, understanding the food combination can give you a better understanding of keeping your health on track.

Here are the 5 wrong food combinations to stay healthy:

1. Milk with banana:

Don’t get surprised, but yes, your banana milkshake is not a healthy drink to have every day! As per Ayurvedic principles, bananas & milk are hard to digest together. These two have a sweet taste and cooling potency but have different post-digestive effects. Due to this, it gets hard on digestion and diminishes the digestive fire (agni).

A regular intake of such combinations as a banana milkshake or milk with a banana can weaken digestion. Later, it leads to the accumulation of toxins inside the body, which can further cause several health issues like chest congestion, allergies, or skin problems.

2. Milk with melon:

Avoid eating milk & melon together as they are also not a good combination for digestion. Milk & melon have cooling properties but having this combination causes milk to curdle and cause trouble digesting it well. So, Ayurveda always advises avoiding the combination of fruits (esp. sour fruit) with milk.

3. Curd/Yogurt with sweet fruits:

It is one of the famous combinations people consume in the form of fruit yogurt or fruit raita. There is no big harm in taking such combinations once in a while if you can digest them without any digestive issues. But, it would be best if you avoided this combination regularly. As per Ayurvedic principles, it can increase the Kapha dosha and may cause cold or trigger asthma. You must avoid this combination if you are a Kapha Prakriti person or frequently suffer from cold or respiratory issues. 

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Understand, learn and adopt the ways of ayurveda

4. Fish with milk:

Eating fish & milk together is not healthy for your body. Fish is hot in potency, and milk is cold. Due to these opposing qualities, it hampers digestion and leads to the accumulation of toxins. Further, it vitiates the blood and may cause allergies or skin problems in the future. 

5. Nightshades with dairy products:

Consuming nightshades (potato, eggplant, bell pepper, or tomato) with dairy is not a compatible combination and may cause trouble to your health. Nightshades are not so easy to digest, and combining them with dairy products like cheese can make them heavy & difficult for digestion. So, to avoid such situations, it is good to avoid this combination. 

Can one never take such combinations?

As per Ayurveda, the following may not get much affected by incompatible food combinations:

  • exercises regularly
  • has good digestion
  • one who is young & strong
  • habituated to oily food (ghee) 
  • who takes such combinations in less quantity
  • habituated to incompatible food items for a long time 

Caution: Kindly observe your digestion and eat according to your digestive strength. Some may not get any ill effects from incompatible combinations, especially at a young age, but later they may also observe digestive issues after taking certain food combinations. So, it is essential to monitor your digestion, current health status, and body type (Prakriti) and eat accordingly.