Do you like sugarcane juice? Are you aware it is a natural coolant drink for summers? Check out the top 5 health benefits of this fantastic summer drink.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

Sugarcane, aka Saccharum officinarum, is tremendously harvested in India. It is grown to produce sugar, jaggery, sugarcane juice, etc.

“वृष्यं शीत: सर: स्निग्धो बृहंणो मधुरो रस: |
श्लेष्मलो भक्षितस्येक्षोर्यान्त्रिकस्तु विदह्यते | | “

As per Ayurveda, balances Vata & Pitta dosha. It is an aphrodisiac, coolant, improves bowels, is nourishing, sweet, and may slightly increase Kapha dosha.

Here are the top 5 health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice during summer:

1. Hydration :

Fresh sugarcane juice is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes like potassium, making it a fantastic drink to deal with hot weather. It is a super hydrating drink that replenishes the body and gives you an instant energy boost. So, don’t forget to have it on a hot sunny day!

2. Prevent constipation:

Sugarcane juice is rich in fibers, making it a good choice for gut health. It improves digestion and helps to get rid of digestion issues. Above all, it has laxative effects, which makes it a healthy drink to prevent constipation. So, if you often suffer from constipation, regular intake can help you prevent and cure this condition.

3. Diuretic action:

Sugarcane juice is naturally diuretic which means it helps you flush out the toxins and get rid of excess body fluid. As a result, it helps prevent urinary tract infections, is helpful in kidney stones, and even relieves the burning sensation while passing urine.


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4. Glowing skin:

Sugarcane juice is beneficial to get healthy & glowing skin. It helps clear the toxins from the body. As a result, it reduces blemishes, provides radiance to the skin, and keeps your skin healthy.

5. Good for immunity:

Sugarcane juice is high in vitamin C and antioxidants, which is beneficial to improving your immunity. It also improves your gut and liver health, which is ultimately helpful to enhance your immune system.

This is one of the purest forms of sugarcane that contains a high amount of natural vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It is one of the best summer drinks that helps to protect you from hot weather. So, regular consumption is beneficial for better digestion, skin health, immunity, and instant energy.