Is your immunity weak? Do you often suffer from cold during season changes? If your answer is yes, you need to change your diet & lifestyle habits. Check out the 5 health tips here to imporve your immunity naturally.

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Immunity is not something you can achieve overnight by just popping pills. Instead, it is essential to practice conscious eating and a healthy lifestyle to develop a good immune system.

When your immunity is weak, you may develop a cold, sore throat, or sneezing during the season change. In such a case, you do not require a pill every time. Instead, you should establish a healthy lifestyle to boost your immunity.

Here are the 5 health tips to improve your immunity:

1. Healthy Gut

Ayurveda has given prime importance to gut health. A healthy gut is responsible for a good immune system. So, it is essential to first give importance to your gut health.

Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle habits can help you maintain a healthy gut & improve your immune system. It is essential to follow these Ayurvedic diet tips to maintain better gut health:

  • Chew your food properly.
  • Eat your food only when you feel hungry.
  • Eat your meals in a peaceful environment in a sitting position.
  • Enjoy seasonal fruits & vegetables available in your region.
  • Consume meals in moderation, i.e., less of your hunger. 
  • Eat freshly cooked + homemade + warm food always. in moderation

2. Sleep

A good sleep is essential in developing a good immune system. Getting enough sleep can help to boost your immunity naturally. So, make sure to not scroll your phones late at night & complete your sleep cycle of 6 to 8 hours every night.  


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3. Avoid sugar

Refined sugar & sedentary lifestyle is one of the major causes of obesity, diabetes, & other lifestyle diseases. Consuming it in excess can suppress your immune system, making you weak to prevent diseases & fight infections. So, limit your sugar intake to decrease the risk of developing such conditions.

4. Exercise/ Yoga

Exercise, yoga, Pranayama, & breathing exercises contribute to developing strong immunity.
Moderate exercise routine like jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, etc., helps to develop immunity. On the other hand, yoga & Pranayama is also beneficial for improving blood circulation, strengthening the lungs and heart, promoting good sleep, and reducing stress. As a result, it is helpful to relax the mind + body and contribute to a strong defense system.

5. Rasayana for immunity

Rasayana therapy is the best to rescue you from preventing & fighting infections when you have weak immunity. But, it is always essential to consult an Ayurvedic physician before taking any herbs or Rasayana.
Herbs like Ashwagandha, Guduchi, Amalaki, or Jyotishmati and Rasayanas like Chawanprash, Kushmanda Rasayana, etc. work well to boost immunity & prevent diseases.

You don’t need a pill to boost your immunity. Instead, you have to be consistent with healthy eating habits and a disciplined lifestyle.
So, don’t fall into the trap of fancy advertisements of immunity boosting pills and adopt a healthy diet & lifestyle to improve your overall health & immunity.