Have you been feeling heaviness in your stomach after eating meals? Do you think you are getting lazy lately? Are you feeling overall heaviness in your body? If your answer is yes, here are the 3 simple lifestyle tips that will help you get rid of this feeling!

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When a person feels heavy after eating meals, it could be due to weak digestion or overeating. When you feel heaviness due to weak digestive strength, you can get rid of it by improving your digestion. But, if you are feeling heavy due to overeating, you may need to change this habit with a few simple modifications.

It is essential to follow a healthy light meal with conscious eating in such a condition. Mindful eating helps make you feel lighter and also improves your energy levels. You can adopt this habit gradually and see beautiful results within a day.

As per Ayurveda, heaviness in the body can arise due to the ama (toxins) accumulated inside the body. It can happen due to a bad diet & lifestyle habits and can be removed with conscious eating habits. You do not need any pill in such a condition, but you can easily correct it with a light diet and active lifestyle.

Here are the 3 things that you need to start doing from today!

1. Eat consciously:

Conscious eating can help change your life overall. When you eat your food consciously, you will observe instant good results. It allows you to feel light, happy, and satisfied.

How to do this?
Conscious eating means to have your food with full attention. To practice this, you have to stay away from your phone, television, or any other distraction while eating food. It will help you concentrate on eating, and you will not end up overeating your food.

The goal is to enjoy your meal and eat it with a feeling of blessing and gratitude. Avoid eating when you are angry, sad, depressed, worried, anxious, or dealing with negative emotions. It would be better if you calm yourself down with Om chanting, meditation, going out for a fresh breath, or talking to your friends. Later, you can have your meal with conscious eating.

2. Clear your bowels:

Heaviness can also occur when you are unable to pass bowels every day. If you have been suffering from constipation, you might need to first correct it with the required diet, lifestyle changes, and herbs.

Here are the two quick remedies to get rid of constipation:
First is, you can chew one teaspoon of roasted ajwain (carom seeds) mixed with black salt after every meal until you find relief. Another is to soak 7-10 black raisins overnight into a glass of milk. Boil them the next morning and drink for a minimum of 7 days.

As per Ayurveda, various herbal preparations like drakshasava, abhyarishta, haritaki, castor oil, etc., can help cure mild constipation. It is always better to consult your Ayurvedic physician before taking any herbs or Ayurvedic medicine.


Understand, learn and adopt the ways of ayurveda

3. Fasting: 

When you feel heavy, it means you are accumulating ama (toxins) inside your body. In such a condition, it is best to go on fasting. Keeping fast for a day and abstaining from meals can help you feel light, energetic, and happy within a day.

Giving yourself a rest will help reset your system and provide you an abundance of energy & lightness inside the body.

How to fast?
There are many ways to fast. Here are the two ways that I find very effective & easy to follow:

Go for intermittent fasting:
Eat your dinner before sunset, and do not eat anything after that until you sleep at night. Wake up the following day and make sure not to eat anything until 16 hours.

For example:

You ate your last meal the previous day around 6 pm, give a gap of 16 hours, and eat your first meal on the following day around 10 am.

Apart from this, you can consume your meals between 10 am to 6 pm (whenever you feel hungry). But, remember to eat in moderation only.

Take a break from grains:
Do not eat any grain for the whole day. You can take fruits, water, a few soaked nuts, makhana, or any millet recipe made of samak, buckwheat, or sabudana. Consume millets only if you feel hunger; otherwise, if you can survive a day without them, go for it.

Hopefully, you will follow these tips and find them effective. Let us know in the comment section, and don’t forget to share it with the one who feels heavy all the time.