Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you want to know about a sustainable way for weight loss?  If your answer is yes, here are the fantastic 3 tips you need to adopt now!

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Weight loss has become extremely confusing for people nowadays. Most people trying to lose weight want to test everything available in the market for weight loss. But, due to the lack of awareness, they fail to understand you don’t have to spend a lot of money on weight loss products, but you need to be a little mindful.

Weight gain can happen due to unhealthy eating habits, not getting proper sleep, and a sedentary lifestyle. It is essential to follow a healthy routine to lose extra weight and feel fit.

There are plenty of different diets available in the name of weight loss. But are they sustainable? Before following any random diet, it is a must to rule out whether it is durable or not. You should follow a diet plan that you can practice for a lifetime.

Due to the lack of complete knowledge, when people enroll in restrictive diets, they end up losing weight along with the loss of health. They might observe severe hair fall, brittle nails, weakness, and irregular periods. Restrictive diet plans create havoc inside the body and result in such symptoms. So, always opt for a healthy & sustainable diet.

What is a healthy diet for weight loss?

A healthy diet for weight loss provides complete nutrition and simultaneously helps to lose extra weight. It will only result in excess weight loss and help you gain health. 

You don’t have to restrict yourself from certain food items to lose weight. Instead, you must follow a healthy diet with specific dietary rules like eating in moderation, having food only when hungry, eating meals on regular time, and following a diet according to your Ayurvedic body type.

Here are the top 3 rules to follow for weight loss:

1. Eat your dinner before sunset:

Our metabolism slows down after sunset. So, if you choose to eat heavy meals after sunset, it can lead to indigestion. Such a habit for a prolonged period can further become a cause behind various diseases. For this reason, Ayurveda suggests consuming your last meal early. 

When you eat your last meal of the day before sunset, it helps you to improve digestion. As a result, it benefits weight loss, sound sleep, hormonal balance and prevents cardiac diseases. Above all, it is beneficial for overall health.  


Understand, learn and adopt the ways of ayurveda

2. Limit your grains for weight loss:

When you are trying to lose weight, do not consume grains more than twice a day. Some people prefer eating grains in each meal, making it challenging to digest. So, always make sure that you have your grains in your lunch and dinner (only if you eat them before sunset).

3. Eat each meal in moderation:

Eating your meals in moderation is the key to better health. When you eat your meals in moderation, it makes you feel light & energetic, improves overall health, and of course, helps to lose excess weight. 

How to eat in moderation?

Before filling your plate with food, decide how much hunger you feel. Always fill your plate with the amount of food that will satisfy your hunger but not make you feel full. 

Suppose you have 3 options for your lunch:

Chapati + Sabzi (vegetable) + dal (lentil)

If you desire to eat three chapatis with a large bowl of sabzi and dal, take only two chapatis with a small bowl of sabzi & dal. If you feel satisfied at the end of your meal, you don’t have to eat anymore. This way, eating less of your hunger will make you feel light, happy, and satisfied. As a result, you will also lose excess fat.

Losing weight is not difficult when you are eating your meals mindfully and following a healthy lifestyle along with it. You don’t have to take weight loss pills or drinks to lose weight, but you need to be a little careful with your eating habits. Try these simple steps, and don’t forget to share your experience with me.