Are you trying to lose weight? If your answer is yes, avoid drinking milk because it may not be good for your weight loss journey. Read on to know why to avoid it if you are losing extra weight.

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Milk is an essential drink when you are in a growing stage. It is a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. As a result, it offers a balanced approach to maintaining health. But, when you are trying to lose weight, you need a diet that will help you maintain your health and simultaneously lose extra weight.

Milk increases Kapha dosha

As per Ayurveda, it is guru (heavy) & snigdha (oily), aggravating Kapha dosha. As a result, it will not support your weight loss. So, avoid it until you lose weight.

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How to eliminate milk?

You can either completely eliminate it from your diet or reduce its portion.

How to reduce its consumption?

Take it twice or thrice a week only. 


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Can I never drink milk?

You can resume drinking it once you lose extra weight (fat) if you like drinking it. Drink only fresh milk obtained from the dairy farm near your home. Otherwise, skip drinking it (if available in packets).