Each food has its particular effect on our physical and mental well-being. Understanding a few food facts can help us make food choices according to our body’s needs.

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According to Ayurveda, based on the nature of the food, they are graded into three categories. Each category of food has different consequences on the body. These three categories are :

  1. Sattvic food
  2. Rajasic food
  3. Tamasic food

Sattvic Food

Sattvic food is the best category of food that keeps the body healthy. It is the one rich in Prana, which means life-giving force.

Freshly home-cooked food, obtained from a natural source, not overcooked and not added with heavy seasonings, etc., is full of Prana.

Eating a sattvic diet doesn’t mean being limited to fruits and salads. Our body requires balanced nutrition for proper functioning- fresh fruits, cow’s milk, seasonal vegetables, etc.

Eating Sattvic food helps improve mental health. It helps bring the balance of your body and mind. You should consider eating Sattvic food if you suffer from anxiety or have an unstable mind & make bad decisions in life.


Rajasic Food

Rajasic food is spicy, salty, dry, and all types of canned and processed food items. For example- fast food, tea, coffee, etc.

A Rajasic diet can imbalance your Pitta and Vata dosha. Such foods encourage the mind & body into action. But when consumed in excess, it can cause anger, crankiness, or sleeplessness. 


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Tamasic Food

Tamasic food is all non-vegetarian food items, overcooked food, over-processed food, heavy to digest, deep-fried food, preserved & frozen food, artificial foods, etc. For example- french fries, non-veg, frozen nuggets, etc.

Tamasic foods bring dullness to your mind. Consuming it in excess can lead to an unstable mind, confusion, and disorientation. It can also make a person violent & aggressive.

Among all, sattvic food is the best food choice especially to feel happy, positive, healthy, and calm in your life.