Do you think you end up overeating your meals? If your answer is yes, you might be inviting diseases! Read this article to understand how overeating is not healthy for you.

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Eating your meal in an appropriate quantity is essential to maintaining your health. Overeating can lead to health problems like obesity, high blood sugar levels, heart problems, diabetes, PCOS, etc.

“मात्राशी स्यात् “

How much should I eat?

One should eat food in the right portion (moderation). Eating in moderation & according to your hunger is the best way to stay away from various diseases.

What is the right portion for me?

It is not relevant to precisely define how much food you should consume. The reason is we all have different body types, digestive strength, environment, and conditions. So, telling everyone to eat the same portion of food according to their weight and height is not reasonable. 

How to understand the right portion? 

We always feel hungry according to our digestive strength. If your digestive power is strong, you will feel hungry at regular times every day. On the contrary, if your digestive power is weak, you will feel less or no hunger at all. In both scenarios, you should listen to your body’s demands and eat accordingly for better health.

Overeating & its harmful effects on health:

When you eat food in the right portion, your body doesn’t have to do extra work! But, when you do overeating, it gets difficult for your digestive system to break down the food properly, which can cause heaviness in the abdomen, bloating, gas, bloating, etc. Eating food more than the capacity to digest also causes excessive acid inside the stomach, causing heartburn. 


Understand, learn and adopt the ways of ayurveda

Eat less of your hunger:

Ayurveda suggests leaving one-third to one-quarter of the stomach empty to support easy digestion. 

How to practice eating less of your hunger?

If you feel like eating 3 chapatis, eat 2 only. If you feel like eating 2 bowls of rice, go for one. The purpose is to eat a little less of your hunger and feel satisfied. So, adopt this habit and don’t let over-eating beat you again!