Do you often suffer from seasonal flu? You may need a regular dose of amla to boost your immunity. Keep reading to know more about the effects of amla on your health.

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Amla, aka Indian gooseberry, is an excellent fruit that helps to boost your immunity & improve overall health. It is rich in nutrients, making it a superfood to boost immunity and prevent heart problems, diabetes, cancer, and other health problems. 

Amla is rich in Vitamin C

It is rich in Vitamin C, which helps to boost immunity. Vitamin C helps prevent certain infections and even helps to fight the common cold quickly if consumed regularly. So, it is one of the best choice of fruit for better immunity & health.

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How to consume?

It is best to consume fresh (when in season). One amla a day is enough to eat for maintaining the health of an adult. When not available, you can even consume 1 tbsp of its powder with water. 

Consuming it in any form every day can help you improve your immunity and protect you from various health problems. But, remember not to overdo with its dose; otherwise, it may cause dryness.

Digestion & Immunity

Healthy digestion is the key to a good immune system. Amla is loaded with various antioxidants. So, it also helps to improve digestion and clears toxins from the body. Hence, keeping your digestion at its best will help you improve your immunity.


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Immunity & healthy lifestyle

To improve your immunity, you have to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle routine every day. Taking amla or drinking its juice but not following a healthy diet and lifestyle cannot improve immunity. For this reason, you need to follow a healthy diet & lifestyle also for better immunity.

Developing a good immune system is not an overnight journey. You will have to follow a regular healthy lifestyle regimen for good immunity. However, consuming amla along with a healthy diet and lifestyle is a bonus to improve your immunity.

An amla a day, homemade seasonal food, & a healthy lifestyle is the key to good immunity!