Do you like consuming curd with your meals? Are you aware of the excellent health benefits of curd? Here are the top five health benefits that you must know.

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Curd is a dairy product that is a favorite food to many of us. It has various health benefits if consumed correctly and at the right time. The way it is consumed plays a crucial role in the maintenance of health.

It is a rich source of protein, and it also contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, and potassium. Being a rich source of Vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E, it is a good source of probiotics.

As per Ayurveda, Dadhi (curd) is of different varieties depends on its taste, like Amla Dadhi (sour), Madhura Dadhi (sweet). 

Sweet curd being cold in nature helps balance Pitta dosha, whereas one which is sour in taste has hot potency and helps to balance Vata and Kapha dosha in the body. 

According to Ayurveda, its intake is contraindicated at night time because it increases Kapha and Pitta dosha, which leads to indigestion. 

It is also advised to avoid it in autumn, summer, spring season.

Here are the top 5 health benefits of curd

1. Protects your gut

Curd being rich in probiotics promotes and maintains the growth of healthy bacteria. It balances the acid levels in the stomach. Thus, it promotes good digestion.


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2. Helps to combat diarrhea

Curd improves digestion due to the presence of good bacteria. Hence if you are suffering from loose stool, consuming it with some rice can help you deal with diarrhea.

3. Good for hair health

Curd mixed with henna used as a hair pack helps to solve itchy dry scalp. It also gives shiny hair. Besides, it provides nutrition to the hair, thus promoting hair growth and controlling excessive hair fall.

4. Improves bone health

Being a rich source of calcium, eating it can keep your joints healthy. It provides strength to the bones and joints. Consuming it on alternative days can help you prevent joint issues.

5. Enhances skin health

Vitamin E and zinc present in it can enhance the skin’s texture, keeping dryness away. When mixed with face pack powders it gives healthy and glowing skin.

This tasty & nutritious dairy product is beneficial to keep our skin, gut, & hair healthy and also protects us from different diseases. A wrong way of consuming curd without analyzing its taste can also make us get sick. So, always eat your curd in the daytime in the advisable season.